Call for Submissions: "Teacher Education as Possibility"

Submission Deadline: January 23, 2015

Of teaching in “dark and constraining times,” Maxine Greene wrote, 

“it is a matter of awakening and empowering today’s young people to name, to reflect, to imagine, and to act with more and more concrete responsibility in an increasingly multifarious world…. The light may be uncertain and flickering; but teachers in their lives and works have the remarkable capacity to make it shine in all sorts of corners and, perhaps, to move newcomers to join with others and transform” (2003, pp. 72-73).  

In memory of the spirit of Maxine Greene, who passed away last summer, Perspectives seeks papers, commentaries, and notes from the field that aim to explore the ways in which teacher education can be seen as a site of possibility rather than constraint.  Keeping in mind the direction Maxine Greene’s scholarship took – towards creativity and play, enlightenment and democracy – we hope submissions will explore and evaluate, from a variety of perspectives, how teacher education might be a vehicle to awaken, empower, and transform the profession of teaching within our democratic society. 

In keeping with our ongoing mission to consider, push against, and reimagine  the boundaries of what an online, peer-reviewed journal can be, we remind you that Perspectives on Urban Eduation welcomes submissions that include multimodal elements (film, photos, etc.); submissions from students, student-teachers, researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders; and responses from readers to each issue’s Response Piece. 

Submissions must have a direct or indirect connection to urban education; all submissions will undergo peer-review.

All pieces must be submitted through the Journal’s online portal at and submissions must be received by January 23, 2015.



Greene, M. (2003).  Teaching as possibility: A light in dark times.  In The Jossey-Bass reader on teaching (pp. 62-73).  San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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